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Terp Summit 2021

Although I wasn’t able to attend a lot of the presentations at Terp Summit, the ones I did attend have helped tremendously in improving my home office and making it as comfortable as possible for remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI). I particularly enjoyed the presentations given by Naomi Bowman, Maha El-Metwally and Barry Olsen. I have already ordered more tech and office supplies to change my RSI set-up. The summit was also great for talking to other interpreters in the chatboxes and offline about mixers and headsets. Judy Jenner’s presentation on price quotes was superb. It has made me review my terms and conditions and adjust them. I have already succeeded in getting a client to pay me for recording an assignment. I am grateful to all these people but most of all to Sophie Llewellyn-Smith for coming up with this project and the fantastic idea of The Interpreter’s Toolkit for Success. It contains all the presentations given over the summit’s three days and you can access them for a year. This will definitely keep my continuing professional development going for some time! A big thank you!
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