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Pink Orchids And Me At Kew

The March of Time

It would be great to be a real brunette forever but a couple of years ago I felt the need to be honest with myself. The tinting was becoming a high-maintenance affair and the regrowth was shocking to see. Therefore, in 2017 I bravely decided to grow out my roots. It took over a year for me to have a full head of grey-ish hair. I don’t realise it would take that long and how higgedly-piggedly the grey would be. My fringe is distinctly grey but the lengths and tips of my hair are white, bordering on blond in places.

Relatives, friends and colleagues have divided opinions. Some like it, some hate it. A cousin, who hates all grey hair, came out straightaway and said, “I hate it”. At least it wasn’t anything personal. My hairdresser was really encouraging and liked it. Before the pandemic, I would ask her whenever she was cutting my hair about adding some colour and she would always say, “Just leave it like it is.” Other people have said that it suits me and complements my skin tone. Colleagues have been diplomatic. I can’t say that I was actually waiting for other people’s approval because I was very eager to grow myself an honest and natural head of hair. I knew that after decades of tinting my hair needed a well-earned rest. I saved some money too!  The experience has taught me that it’s important to be comfortable in the skin that you are in. If you are happy with your choice, that’s all there is to it.

The only problem is that Lockdown No.3 prevents me from getting new professional photographs for my CV and website so updating them will have to wait. The other day I passed the studio of the photographer who took my original website photos but it was closed down. Sad. 

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