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A Success Story

This year I have been endeavouring to improve my consecutive interpreting skills by attending practice sessions with David Violet to work on how I take notes while listening to a speaker. For most of the year I was taking notes using biro and notepad but then in September another classmate, Eric Liao, gave a presentation on digital note-taking. He talked about Notability software and Apple Pencils. This was like manna from Heaven for me because I had been wanting to return to using my iPad for consecutive note-taking. I got the software and pencil and then dived into this new modus operandi at the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ CityLab Conference on 10th October 2022. The lady next to me in the photo above is Nathalia Sanchez, aka GLeo, a Colombian muralist, who was being interviewed by Barratunde Thurston about her work. The slide is taken from Eric Liao’s presentation on digital note-taking for consecutive interpretation which he gave at the American Translators’ Association on 15th October 2022. Congratulations Eric! I am delighted to have been included as a success story too! The extract that he has highlighted is in yellow is the video clip below. GLeo was a wonderful artist to interpret for because her work is so inspiring.


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