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Backing Up

Backing up your computer files and data cannot be done often enough in my opinion. To that end I would like to sing the praises of Crashplan and Crashplan Pro.  I first heard of Crashplan through a colleague who recommended it to me, as well as other software. The recommendations were not so appropriate for my needs but Crashplan was just right. I was keen to get some sort of back-up software in place because the same colleague warned me, “There are two types of people in this world: those who back-up and those who mean to back-up……”  Since those chilling words I have had two ACMs (awful computer moments) and on both occasions Code 42, the company behind the Crashplan software, has saved me. Email

ACM No.1

The first grisly moment was in October 2016. My computer was attacked by a crypto-virus after I carelessly opened a spam email. Fortunately, my local computer repair shop, Blue Gnome Computers, gave me good advice over the telephone and were able to book in my virus-infected patient very quickly. The full service took a while but as I had backed up all my computer’s content to Crashplan I was able to repopulate my clean computer with my original files and programmes. There remained a small batch of invoices that was lost forever and I was unable to set a profile photo on my computer but apart from that my ACER made a 90% complete recovery.

ACM No.2

Last summer  I opted to upgrade to Crashplan Pro because I do use my computer for buisness affairs 80% of the time. Last week, my ACER did not switch off properly for some reason and the next time that I tried to switch it on all that I got was a blue screen. I was terrified. So, once again, I rushed my patient to Blue Gnome. Another service was performed. The good news was that no files were ever compromised  but while my ACER was in ‘A&E’ again I used my lovely Samsung S7 mobile phone to access essential files on my computer and prepare VAT accounts. Such was my efficiency that I sent my accountant the information that he requested one day earlier than expected. He and I were quite chuffed with that.

I have extended my love of backing up to my mobile phone. I have a MEEM now. It is a charger and USB stick combined so your phone is backed up while it recharges overnight. Of course, I have no way of knowing whether the back-up has fully worked until I lose or break my S7 but it brings me peace of mind. It’s a bit like insurance really: once insured behave as if you’re not insured. So, once backed-up, keep on backing up.

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